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High Progesterone Levels: Symptoms and Remedies

Progesterone is a natural hormone that works to control uterine lining thickness within a woman’s body. When one becomes pregnant, this hormone naturally increases to accommodate your growing child. There are occasions, however, where high progesterone levels can be caused by other instances, such as a lack of exercise or …

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Sore Throat and Nausea Causes and Remedies

Sore throat can make living extremely difficult because it keeps you from eating anything. Things become even difficult when you have a sore throat along with nausea. What causes that? It can be due to a common cold yet may also indicate some infection or serious issues. Keep reading to …

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Numbness in Hands and Feet: Causes and Remedies

Anytime you experience numbness in hands and feet, it should not be ignored. Numbness that is persistent or intermittent is considered to be a common type of damage to a person’s nerves. It can be due to nerve diseases or some systemic illness. When looking at this numbness, there are …

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Tightness Behind Knee: Causes and Remedies

Feeling tightness behind knee is a common sensation that may be minor or indicates a serious underlying issue. There are many reasons for this condition and the treatment you receive depends on the cause. The tightness can improve by itself, but you may need surgery or physical therapy. There are …

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Athlete’s Foot on Hands: Causes and Remedies

Athlete’s foot, also termed as tinea pedis, is a fungal infection characterized by itchy and flaky skin. Although it’s most often seen on the feet, you can also get athlete’s foot on hands, termed as tinea manuum, on rare occasions. This often happens when you forget to wash your hands …

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