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How to Slit Your Wrists

Death is not the end of your suffering. If you need any help, please contact National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (United States): 1 (800) 273-8255.

If you’re thinking about ending your life, and you’re wondering how to slit your wrists, there are something you ought to know about. Slitting your wrists is a bloody way to commit suicide, and for the people who have a mood or bipolar disorder, dealing with the intense emotions associated with it can often lead to self-injury and self-mutilation instead of death.

How to Slit Your Wrists

Before deciding to end your life, you’ll need to do some preparation before the event.

  1. Drink lots of water the day before to enlarge your artery, thus increasing the blood pressure and making it easier for you to bleed out.
  2. The reason people fail to suicide by cutting their wrists is because they don’t use the right tool for the job. Razor blades, scissors or kitchen knives usually end with a failed attempt. It leads to more pain, as well as leaving nasty scarring. If you really want to succeed, you’ll have to use a strait-razor. If you don’t have one, then get one. Since slitting the wrist is so painful, you will want to get it right the first time.
  3. On the day of the event, fill a bathtub full of hot water, not hot enough to scald you, but hot enough to help you relax while facilitating the bloodletting from your severed artery
  4. You can try bath oils or a light sedative to help you relax and ease the pain and suffering.
  5. Now that you’re ready, strip down and immerse your body into the warm bathwater. Try not think about the pain and suffering that is about to occur, and just relax. Try to remember that this will be the last thing you will ever do in this lifetime.
  6. If you are right-handed, begin by putting the strait-razor into your left hand and use it on your right forearm. Reverse this process if you are left-handed. As a result of the pain and bloodletting, you want to use your unfamiliar hand first, so when you make the second cut on your other arm, you’ll be using your familiar hand.

Important note: do not cut across your wrist because this can hurt the tendons, making it impossible to do the other wrist. Place the tip of the strait-razor on the radial artery about two thirds of the way from your wrist to your elbow. Then cut strait down and along the artery towards your wrist.

  1. Then quickly put the strait-razor in the other hand and repeat the cutting on the other forearm in the same manner.
  2. When you’re finished with both forearms, lower them into the bath water and relax. Try not to panic from the idea that you are going to die. You will drift into unconsciousness as a result of blood loss, and before you know it, you’ll be dead.

Below is a helpful video about cut yourself without pain, you can learn from it.

5 FAQs About Slitting the Wrists for Suicide

People wondering “How to slit your wrists” often have some lingering questions. They want to know if it will hurt, or how long it would take to die. Following is a list of FAQs that addresses the most common concerns.

1.  Can I Slit My Wrists Without Pain?

The short answer is no. It will be very painful: so painful that many people are unable to make the second cut on the other arm. Imagine for a moment how a deep gash 6″ to 8″ along your forearm might feel. The excruciating pain resulting from such a cut is unbearable, leaving you unable to complete the job properly and quickly. The delaying would lead to a longer bleeding time, along with a fair amount of panic and pain.

2.  Can I Really Die by Slitting the Wrists?

If you are asking this question, you’re probably not ready for suicide, but you should know the result can be deadly and there will be no second chance. For those that are serious about ending their lives, this procedure will turn out to be a bloody and painful experience. So, if possible, seek out some professional help to relieve your anguish to commit suicide.

3.  Should I Slit Vertically or Horizontally?

To get the answer to “How to slit your wrists?” You must answer this question first. The best method of cutting your wrist is to cut vertically. By cutting across your wrist, you run the risk of damaging tendons, causing you to be unable to cut the other arm. The goal to cut vertically is to sever the radial artery in a manner that facilitates rapid blood loss.By cutting along the length of the artery, you’ll trigger the body’s own defences – arterial constriction, which will pull the artery open, allowing it to bleed more quickly.Otherwise, it will be a very long and painful method to die.

4.  How Deep Should I Slit Myself?

The depth of the cut should be from ½ to 1 inch deep, and run along with the radial artery. The radial artery supplies the blood to the arm and hands. It is a major artery found in your forearm and to cut it, you must go through the skin and tendons. After that, it seems to take a long, long period to bleed out.

5.  How Long Does It Take to Bleed to Die?

Depending on how well you have made the cuts, bleeding out could take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. You would experience an increased heart rate, a clammy feeling, dizziness, and become pale. This will be followed by a shortness of breath, and when your blood pressure drops far enough, you’ll lose consciousness and eventually die.

Very Important Note You Must Read

After reading this graphic way of slitting the wrists to end your life, if it still doesn’t make you pause and reconsider, then at least consider the pain and suffering your family and love ones will have to endure as a result of your selfishness. Nothing is worth dying for, and there are many people who want to offer help and love to you.

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