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How to Finger Yourself

We know that self-pleasure makes people feel good, and it’s really that simple. If you’re going through a dry spell, or have chosen to not have sex, masturbating is a great way to satisfy your libido. However, it is extremely important that women have an appreciation of their own anatomy, and knowing how to finger yourself enables you to explore your body to find out what feels best. Besides, knowing your body in this way can make you more vocal with partners and more confident in bed.

How to Finger Yourself

Quick Note: Make sure to trim and file your fingernails, and wash your hands beforehand to prevent any injury or infection.You’re going to be probing inside your body, so you want to use proper hygiene.

Step 1: Relax and Start With Your Nipples

Begin by taking a warm shower or bubble bath to relax, empty your bladder, and make sure you have some uninterrupted privacy time.Gently caress your breasts and focuson your nipples. Try stroking or pinching them until they begin to get hard and erect. If your breasts are large enough, you might try to lick the nipples yourself. Fondling your breasts is a great way to get in the mood for self-gratification.

Step 2: Include Your Vagina

While continuing to caress your breasts with one hand, use your other hand to tease your body and begin to explore your vagina. Gently run your hand along the parts of your body that are more sensitive to touch than others, such as your belly button, before reaching your vagina. Eventually you’ll want to focus on your clitoris by sliding back the hood. Try rubbing or stroking it using two fingers to expose the clit, while keeping your other hand busy with your breasts.

Step 3: Finger Yourself

As the excitement begins to well up, your breathing may become shorter and shallower. Remember to keep breathing while continuing to caress your breasts, and stroke your clit until your arousal fluids begin to flow. When you are ready, move your finger(s) into your vagina simulating intercourse. Experiment by learning how to finger yourself using the hook method by shaping your finger(s) into the shape of a “C” when sliding them in and out, and remember to continue rubbing your clit with the palm of your hand. This will accomplish what only a hand and finger(s) can do, and that is stimulating both your clit and your G-spot at the same time.

Step 4: Stimulate Your G-Spot

You can locate your G-spot two to three inches inside the top wall of your vagina. You’ll know you have got it when you feel a small cluster of skin with the texture of walnut. A lot of girls can achieve an orgasm by stimulating the G-spot. Gently rubbing the G-spot leads to a vaginal orgasm that is much deeper and stronger than a clitoral orgasm and the good news is you can have multiple orgasms in the same session.

Step 5: Try Different Positions

You can finger yourself in a number of other positions besides the missionary position.

  • From behind: Try fingering yourself from behind while laying on your back by reaching around your lower back, over your anus, and inserting your finger(s) into your vagina. The disadvantage is that this position makes it difficult to stimulate the G-spot; however, the advantage is that you can stimulate your anus with the palm of your hand at the same time.
  • Sitting: There are several ways to learn how to finger yourself while in a sitting position. Try using the headboard on your bed to support your back, or the top of a dresser with your back against the wall. The advantage of fingering yourself in this way is it allows for deeper penetration with your finger(s).
  • Standing: You can also finger yourself standing up. Try using a chair to prop up one foot and have at it. The wonderful thing about masturbating while standing is that you have the best of both worlds, the option of front or rear entry. Just make sure you have something to hold on to when you reach a climax.If you really want to get a little bolder, try watching yourself in the mirror while masturbating.
  • Doggy: Although a bit more primitive, going doggy style is just another way to enjoy self-gratification. Just get on your knees, throw your butt in the air, and with your head down reach around and let your finger(s) create the magic. Try it, you may like it.


It is very important that you have an appreciation of your own body and how to finger yourself. Besides, it only stands to reason that the more you masturbate and become comfortable being sexual with your own body, the more you’ll want to be sexual with your partner. Self-gratification is going to stimulate the part of the brain that is going to keep your libido alive, it’s extremely sensual, and you will be so turned on that you might just kiss your social life goodbye for a short while.

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