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What Does Pop Your Cherry Mean?

When it comes to sex, there are numerous phrases and slang that are quite common. One of these is “pop your cherry”. What does “pop your cherry” mean? That’s one of those little things about sex that many people learn as they talk to their friends and explore more about …

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Hastmaithun Is Good for Health in Hindi

Masturbation is a natural and quite normal thing – and it’s quite common too with more than 95% of men doing it in all parts of the world. There’s no scientific evidence that masturbation itself is harmful. Frequency of masturbation also varies with some people doing it only once a …

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Sex in Periods Is Safe or Not?

Contrary to popular belief, having sex in periods is safe. Some people think they should not have sex with their partners during periods because women are unclean when menstruating. It is possible to find religious texts prohibiting sex in periods, but it has nothing to do with your health. This …

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