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Blood, Heart & Circulation

Smoker’s Lungs Pictures

Cancer sticks are commonly used in correlation with reasons why people should quit smoking. This is because smoking cigarettes is known to infect your lungs with various chemicals which can cause cancer, and ultimately death. There are many people around the world who are determined to encourage smokers to quit …

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Types of White Blood Cells

White blood cells are also referred to as WBCs or leukocytes. They are the cells that make up the majority of the immune system, which is the part of the body that protects itself against foreign substances and various types of infections. Leukocytes are made in the bone marrow from …

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What Side Is Your Heart On?

It is important to know what side is your heart on to be able to understand if the pain you’re experiencing has something to do with your heart. If it’s on the side of your heart, it could be because you’re having a heart attack. Knowledge about the location of …

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Circulatory System Organs

Your circulator system is a complex network of different organs and vessels that ensure proper flow of nutrients, blood, hormones and oxygen to and from cells. Your body cannot be able to maintain a healthy internal environment or fight diseases in the absence of your circulatory system. Generally, the circulatory …

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Where Is Your Heart Located?

Heart muscle is the strongest tissue in your body. It is responsible for pumping the oxygenated blood (obtained from lungs) to the rest of the body via comprehensive circulatory system. Why is it important to know ‘where is your heart located?’ For starters, it helps in categorizing the cardiac symptoms …

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Tiny Red Dots on Skin

You may develop tiny red dots on your skin for many different reasons. Some of these underlying causes may be quite serious, while others may not raise any concern. It is, however, important to understand when you should go see your doctor and seek medical treatment. Keep reading to learn …

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